1. Mogę przelecieć Emmę Watson?(Can I fuck Emma Watso

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    Can I fuck Emma Watson?
    the translation is from the net so do not be surprised with errors.
    Can I fuck Emma Watson ?The dark gray overnight parking in one of the highways in Germany.All but one of the places are available on the site is occupied only escort combi with tinted rear windows.A brief moment of silence between przejeżdżającymi cars interrupts with suppressed a groan and auto zachybotało only slightly.The nearby bushes comes a man in a thin jacket -proof cap and visor.He stopped when he heard a faint beep looked around the parking lot just descended from the highway big truck so effectively drowned out everything.The man walked to the car opened the driver's door reach hand and opened the rear .Slammed one door and opened another.I asked you to be quiet you said, getting in the back seat.In the back seat sat shackled and gagged woman with dark blond hair on her neck as thick metal collars for dogs made ​​of thick wire in such a way that every time he moves tightens the neck thrusting sharp pieces of wire .Pokaleczysz a neck.The woman shook her head violently again groaning in pain.Do not do that again because you 'll have to sleep.Girl continuously blinking eyes.Oh I'm sorry you want to use the bathroom?The girl shook her head.But the parking lot is not the toilet you had to go for a bush unless you hold out to the next exit ?The girl began to turn his head negatively .Well that's good but you know the rules .The woman shook her head again .Man howl old ...
    ... looking phone out of his pocket and hung it on the dark leash around his neck.Slide out locking the girl in a hooded who was wearing a vest man appeared howl from his pocket a small key put it in the lock from underneath the vest turned slamming shut immediately lit up two red lampeczki the padlock.Well now we can go .From behind howl long knife cut the gray tape on his hands and then slide shut her blouse and undid the clasp collar which she wore was attached to one of the handles screwed into the roof of the car.Draw a girl his door and holding it at arm led to the coming of trees where not reaching to the dim light of lamps.Please, he said , handing her a few packs of wet wipes just watch is slippery .The girl went on a morszczyzna watched as the lights go out in the cab of a truck that has recently entered the parking lot.Hurry up !Do you hear ?You know the rules every time I call you to answer.Push button mounted to a small black box on the bar but nothing happened .Sorry whispered and grabbed the phone sought out contacts inscription NOT obey .As soon as the phone is connected to hear a few yards from him muffled but loud moan immediately hung up and looked whether the driver of the truck did not hear anything .He ran down the small embankment uncontested in the thicket of bushes.But then ran into a plowed field .In the distance he saw the ground moving figure .The woman crawled into homes appearing in the distance.Suddenly he froze cowering on the ground and crying.The man ...